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Stiller Foundation announces support for Bicycles for Humanity


January 13, 2012 — The Stiller Foundation has announced a partnership with Bicycles for Humanity, an organization founded in 2005 which sends used bicycles to developing countries. These bicycles help communities solve the basic problem of mobility, improving access to education, employment, healthcare, food and water and economic opportunities.

Funds donated by Stiller Foundation will help ship nearly 1,500 bicycles as part of the Karamoja Initiative. Karamoja is a landlocked region in northeastern Uganda with a harsh, arid climate. The Initiative will fund the purchase and transport of three containers of bicycles, tools, and spare parts to Karamoja. The effort is designed to empower disadvantaged communities with their own transportation and the means of maintaining it.

“Karamoja is an incredible place. It is the first place I ever visited in Africa — and  I  couldn’t believe how hard the living conditions were there,” said Ben Stiller. “Besides just basic access to food and water, poor transportation systems often mean poor access to education for children in remote areas . Our partnership will hopefully give more kids the opportunity to go to school. I am excited to be working with Paul Sherwen on this, who I have been a fan of for years, and has a long history of going to Karamoja his whole life.”

Sherwen, a former cyclist himself and Tour de France broadcaster, grew up in Uganda and has partnered with Bicycles for Humanity. “I am passionate about helping the Karamajong,” said Sherwen.” I am delighted that Ben has chosen to partner with us. I look forward to working with him to help the children and families of this region gain a better life.”

Founded by former technology executive Pat Montani, Bicycles for Humanity is a global grassroots movement which has grown to 35 chapters in 5 countries. “It is so rare in life that we get the chance to really make a difference,” said Montani, who hopes to deliver 25,000 bicycles to Karamoja in the next 5 years. “Having visited Karamoja in 2009, Ben truly understands the people and their needs. Paul Sherwen and I are extremely excited to work together with Ben help create change for the people of this region and give the people of Karamoja the gift of mobility.”

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